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[quote=Okapi32;2173009]This guy here has got 41 LF-4, even though the video title says 31 - extra 10 on PET -, and he says it took him 6,500 keys to get. Ouch lol.[/quote] thanks for posting the video link. that has convinced me to spend very little time on this game. originally i typed that i would quit this game, but curiosity would force me to log in occasionally (holidays and days off from work) to check out what's new in DO. as more time goes by, there will be more and more players with perhaps enough equipment to rival the player in that video. far too much valuable time would be needed to collect enough bonus boxes to gather the uri to compete with players with half the power displayed in that video. it would be better for me to continue to focus on starting my own business. there would be no entertainment value in operating an account, such as mine, that is so horribly weak that in comparison to other players blasting my ships would be the same as popping Streuners on the starter maps. Everyone please continue to have a good time.