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ok so here is the update about D. we finna call him by that from now on a low key shit, haha...some of the things he said were as keep in mind that i might come off very nice sweet and a bit naivie but at the same time i am very much a psyshic and can sense bullshit...or maybe not...haha "i wanna be the best daddy foe ma kids" "i feel like we met in before in another lifetime" "i know what i want" "my mom always teach us boy to look after ourself and not let any women take care of us" "she taught us how to cook, so i cook quite well" "alot of guys project women as what they want them to be or how they should act but not truly see our women as who they really are and accept that" "i want a friend and a lover' "you cant really deny the universe" "what are your plan for new year?" " i feel like new year is very meaningful and special when i chose someone to celebrate with' "alot of ppls ask why iam single, i get that is by chose" there u have it. feel free to leave feed back. u know i needed that. haha. dammit, Jade! wish i could high five you right now! i'm soooo glad you have your "bullshit detection equipment" (we'll call it BDE) on right now. wish i could write an application for your cellphone and call it "Bullshit Radar" LMAO! some of these things he has said looks like bait on his hook, and i'm glad you're NOT a dumb fish that is rushing in to take a bite. even though i understand he is looking for love, i think he is trying too hard. it would be easier, but slower, to just be your friend first. what i mean is this... remember when i mentioned the basic five main attractions? physical, intellectual, financial, emotional, and spiritual attractions. i already know that in your eyes D has at least the physical and financial parts covered, and maybe even a little of the intellectual part too. at the moment, i think you're still analyzing the intellectual part, and the emotional and spiritual parts are certainly under heavy scrutiny. even IF the other attractions don't materialize, then at least you two could still be great friends, and i think you are an awesome person to have as a friend. :) anyways, here's my two cents worth below. :P this is as much as i could remember from the original message i typed in facebook. "i wanna be the best daddy for my kids" this comment can impress women who have already fucked up by letting a loser, or a player, get them pregnant. we both know there are a shitload of deadbeat dads in this world, so this comment can make a woman think he loves children and fatherhood. this comment can scare away women who haven't reached their goals yet in life. this comment can make some women who are goal-oriented or career-oriented think that the man is ready to have kids SOON. goal-oriented women don't want to be pressured by any man to have children at a time not of the woman's own choosing. "a lot of people ask why i am single, i get that a lot... it is by choice" lol hundreds of female friends on facebook, and maybe dozens of female friends in the real world? seems as if NOW is the time he has chosen to end being single. not a bad thing to want to find love, but at his age i don't believe it was choice. i'm sure he must have been deeply in love with a woman he wanted to marry once or twice in his life and it failed! "i feel like we met before in another lifetime" to women who believe in reincarnation, this sounds wonderful. to women who are focused on the life they have NOW, this sounds like pure bullshit. since he has hundreds of female friends, this line has possibly worked very well on them, and it is just a line. never forget he is an artist, and artists can come up with some very creative shit to say to make a woman's ears and toes tingle. once again, i'm glad you have your BDE on. without your BDE, he could possibly tell you shit you wanna hear all day and make you believe he is sincere and honest about it all. HAHAha! "i know what i want" ok, cool. he wants YOU. lol wouldn't it be better if people want the same things together or at least mutually agree to work on achieving what each other wants and enjoy these things together? "my mom always teach us boys to look after ourself and not let any women take care of us" yes yes, of course. be self-sufficient. i thought most mothers teach their children this concept. is he trying to tell you he makes enough money to take care of you? if so, then you would be so relieved if... you were a really poor and materialistic black woman from the ghetto who only cared about finding a nigga to take care of her and her personal army of illegitimate kids. fortunately, you have the benefit of being asian and not being swayed so easily by talk of money. "she taught us how to cook, so i cook quite well" cool! guess that means you can have him do all the grocery shopping, cooking, working, and paying all the bills while i guess that means you'll be taking care of all the cleaning and babies perhaps? oh my... "a lot of guys project women as what they want them to be or how they should act but not truly see our women as who they really are and accept that" i dig this. at least he knows and understands the importance of compromise. compromise is needed to find love, and compromise is needed to maintain a long-term relationship. it's impossible for anyone to find the perfect person that fits ALL their expectations. no matter how highly we think of ourselves, we are all imperfect. in this imperfect world, everyone comes packaged with flaws, and the best we can do is to find someone who has the fewest flaws, or at least has flaws that we can tolerate, but never forget we are all still flawed and life and love will still go on. "i want a friend and a lover" damn. this sounds like he wants sex before marriage. :( have you been able to find out if he is patient and willing to wait? "you can't really deny the universe" huh? o.0 maybe this is some kind of artist thing and i wouldn't understand? LOL! does the universe equal truth, and he is just trying to put an enlightened artistic spin on saying that no one can deny the truth, and that the truth is you and he were somehow destined to be together? ok... destiny my ass... it takes serious effort to make things work well between two people. even when the man and woman have a shitload of things in common, they still gotta work on keeping the love alive. divorce exists because too many people aren't working at maintaining their love! a person would have to be totally gullible to believe that a man and woman can simply just exist and everything will be perfectly fine as long as they are together. turn your BDE on "maximum detection" for this one. people are more likely to be destined to be alone! successful relationships and marriages don't happen by some magical universal force which requires little to no effort. they happen because the people involved work on making it happen! "what are your plan for new year?" "i feel like the new year is very meaningful and special when i choose someone to celebrate with" dammit!!! it's fucking January 1st for shits sake! of course anything interesting that happens between a man and woman on that day will probably be remembered for the rest of their lives. i know for a fact the woman remembers events on January 1st more than the guy does, so a woman has gotta be sure she chooses a special guy. hummm... so he clearly wants you to be the woman he is with for the beginning of 2011. since he has so many female friends, he just let it slip out that his technique is so smooth that he possibly has a different woman at the beginning of every year! "...choose someone to celebrate with" DAMN! will you be his "Miss 2011"? :D i wonder who was his Miss 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and so on... well well well... this looks like three cents worth! :D i gotta be careful, because most of the people i know on facebook are females, and someone might start thinking i'm shopping for a woman on it. LOLLL my dear friend! Jade! you have totally surprised me with your Christmas gift to me. it was the third gift i've received this year which totally caught me off guard. the first was a $5 cash gift from a lady from El Salvador who has been homeless for ten years. she is very religious and her love for God and Jesus suffers a little bit from her mental illness (mental illness possibly caused from the stress of living on the street so long), but i've always known she has a good heart even before she gave me the money. every time i talk with her she knows EXACTLY what i'm feeling. it's just strange how she knows about what is in my head and how i think. she is better at noticing the hidden meaning behind certain behavior far better than i probably will ever be able to do. she has the ablility to talk with me and bring me to tears with what she says, because her words seem to always have such a deep meaning. i don't understand how a woman with her powerful mind could ever end up on the street. the second gift was the new coat iously rethe new coat from my friend named Maiti. she's a really nice old German lady who is deeply committed to her religion.