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HA! Can't believe I'm sitting in Central Library typing this up, but this is certainly more preferable than for you having to decipher my horrible handwriting. Looks almost as if it were spat out of an industrial offset printer at 30,000 impressions per minute. Alrighty... I would've loved to let these words come out of my mouth, but it's almost a guarantee that I would've flubbed the whole thing. So here it is. MARY! I've noticed you are a woman of strong feelings and, more importantly, honest feelings. Every time you tell me that it's great to see me, I can see and feel that you are telling the truth from your heart. From a fascinating woman such as yourself, I consider that statement to be very high praise. It does lift my sprits as I think about it everyday, so I can't THANK YOU enough, Mary. You have once told me that you hate your life. You are a lovely woman! Please don't hate your life. This crazy little dustball we call Earth needs more genuine women just like YOU, and that's no bullshit. You know you're intelligent, but you don't try to act high and mighty about it. You are confident about your appearance without plastering on a hundred layers of makeup and perfume as too many women do. Intelligent, lovely, natural, and genuine is what you are for the rest of your life. Please don't ever change. I must admit that before we ever had our first conversation, when I saw you on the train you looked considerably intimidating. There has always been a look of power in your eyes that tells the casual observer that you can verbally chew someone into pieces. As I said before, please don't ever change! That look is soooo priceless! Something else I want to thank you for is helping me to realize that I should never be afraid to enjoy a moment with anyone. How you did that? You did it by example. Here's how. One day I held out my hand to attempt to shake your hand as you were going to exit the train, but instead you twisted and aimed your head towards my hand. I didn't know what you were doing, so I patted you on your head instead. The thing which matters most is that your movements were unusual, but there was no stopping you, and you were going to enjoy the moment no matter what. Mary, in those few seconds you taught me that I need to learn how to enjoy a moment with someone without any fear of shame or guilt, because most of the time there is NO reason to be ashamed or guilty of anything we do with another intelligent adult. I've lived here in Los Angeles County since July of 2007, and your actions in the month of April of 2011 have opened my eyes up to the fact that most people here live without fear, shame, and guilt. They enjoy almost every moment they can, and that is truly a wonderful thing. Thank you, Mary. Hoping to always be your friend,