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Hello, Martha! How are you? This is a message of encouragement. The main point of this message is really a suggestion which you have probably been told before by someone else somewhere else. But here is my two cents anyway if you can bear with it. If not, well... I guess you could always delete it before you read any further, but I DO hope you continue reading this. I beg you to please not make any assumptions before reading this entire message. Please forgive me if I seem to be speaking out of place. -------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- Let's start with something you've told me only once. "You don't listen." That's odd. I've been told on numerous occasions by various people that I'm an excellent listener, and I have been listening to you very carefully, because you are so pleasantly different from most of the people I've met. Let's look at a statement you've made here on Facebook. "I UNDERSTAND GOD YOU GAVE ME A GIFT BUT I AM NOT SURE HOW TO USE IT FOR THE FUTURE." Unfortunately, I am only a fragile mortal man, so I don't know what God has planned for you. This is my conclusion, based on the extremely short time I've talked with you, on what may be a fabulous use for your talents. Become a lawmaker! You are still YOUNG and can have a long and prosperous political career. You already know how to talk with many types of people at high and low levels in society, so you'd be an excellent voice for the people. Your mind is powerful and focused. Those are certainly two crucial qualities in a leader, and you already are a leader, so just go grab the reigns! Pick any city council you want, then work your way up to state general assembly, and finally bury your roots in D.C. I would vote for you every time and would actually help to pass out pamplets which list the details of your goals. Why? Here's why... On a nice, sunny Sunday morning, you were talking about one of your plans and how you are tired of waiting for action from businessmen/women. I think a title added to your name (councilwoman/representative/senator) would sway them towards your goals. Most, if not all, lawmakers eventually form strong business ties. "I've applied at a police department in every state." Sounds as if you desire a career in public service. A lawmaker is an awesome public servant, and I believe you could draft some fair and powerful laws for this nation. "I can do things lawyers can't do." PERFECT!!! So you know how to cut through the bureaucratic bull and squeeze out results. America so desperately needs lawmakers to do this at the local, state, and federal level every freaking day. While we were riding the Green Line train, I was on my rant about bad government, then a guy across from us mentioned his dissatisfaction with government while he had been trying to get help with sickle-cell anemia. Your solution was to offer that poor man a dose of real, solid, sincere, and helpful advice. That was such a beautiful moment! I was so glad to see that a random guy could get a break from a random soul on the train. You have told me various things that could help me, but I'm such a nut for digging my own grave inside of a hedge labyrinth. However, I am getting closer and closer to getting out. :) I am grateful for the things you have told me and shown me. From talking with you, I'm under the impression that you know a fair amount about many different subjects and issues, and your curiosity about learning is endless. I'm so happy about that, because that will give you the power to formulate powerful solutions to create laws which we all can live by and be happy about. "I wouldn't help anyone anymore." You have mentioned that your brother has told you to stop helping people. I don't believe it's in your DNA to be selfish. This part of you is something that I hope becomes contagious and infects all lawmakers around you. "I'm one hundred percent disabled." Your mind is not, and as long as you can think and talk, then aides can do the rest. You lead, we follow. "I AM A CHILD OF GOD among all the nation of the earth ... and no man shall buy you/me." I'm drooling about this one, because that means as a lawmaker with strong ties to business, they will not be able to control you, and you will continue to be able to do good for our country. "I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU SHOULD STEAL FROM ANYONE NOT THE WEAK OR THE WEALTHY." YES!!! I'm diggin it! This is a quality I wish all lawmakers have always had when they've created horrible tax laws, and of course if they believed this, then they would have never made offensive tax laws. "I chose not to get married, because I wanted to be independent." It can be argued that marriage and children are distractions which prevent a person from achieving their full potential. The three most obvious examples of powerful and fabulous women I can think of who never married and had children are the late Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, and former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice. Without a husband and children to possibly alter your focus you are free to light the way for those of us in the dark.